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All in one Adobe Photoshop- Beginner to Professional course

Beginner to Pro Photoshop Master Course


  • No prior experience of Photoshop is required.

  • Have Photoshop installed in your computer. I used Photoshop cc in the tutorials but Photoshop Cs6 will work very fine

Description COURSE DESCRIPTION All in One Adobe Photoshop training course is just as the name implies- It's an all round package. Not only does it contain a variety of project based tutorials, it also has content for beginner level, intermediate and professionals in Photoshop. It was created to train beginner-level Photoshop users to become intermediate and professional users. It is broken down into 3 sections- • The first section introduces beginners to Photoshop by teaching them how to set up workspace, create and open files in Photoshop. It also teaches beginners on how to use layers in Photoshop which is a very important concept of the software. •The second section teaches with the aid of practical examples, how to use the different tools in Photoshop. • The third section gives you real life, hands on graphic design projects to create such as Logo designs, Flyer/Poster design, CD album cover design, realistic facial retouching, and composite/photo manipulation. WHY CHOOSE THIS COURSE? · My teaching approach is fun, yet very thorough and at a very learnable pace. · You will get just over 10 hours of videos created in a detailed step-by-step fashion with the reason behind each action explained. · It progressively eases you into mastering Photoshop as it takes you from easy projects to intermediate and finally to professional projects. · The videos tutorials are project based in nature so you will be well engaged while learning. · Materials for each video tutorial is made available and the videos are downloadable. · I am available to attend to any questions you might have during your design process. - There are projects for all levels of graphic designers from beginner to professional. At the end of this course, you will be able to comfortably and easily use Photoshop and it equips you to move on to create more challenging graphic works. There's is something in this course for graphic designers of various kinds- whether you are a newbie, freelancer, career based, design tutor etc. Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Photoshop beginners who want to learn how to use it up to a professional level

  • There's is also something for intermediate/professional designers as the 3rd section provides real life, hands on projects

  • It covers graphic design deliverables such as Logo design, Poster/Flyer/Album cover design, Facial retouching and Composite Design

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