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Basics of Civil Engineering in Construction

Practical Course on Quantity Estimation, Tendering, Concrete Technology, BOQ, Running Bill, Levelling, Rebar work, etc.


  • Basic knowledge of civil engineering.

Description We spend four years at engineering college and learn many things. However, there are things that are not taught at the engineering college but are useful in professional life. This course is intended to cover the void that remains even after four years of engineering. This course is intended to teach you the conceptual things that check your logical reasoning capacity. It will polish your knowledge regarding some of the basic questions on civil engineering. This course is intended for civil engineering students who are about to complete their engineering course and the fresh civil engineering graduates who are about to seek a job. This course will keep on expanding as I will keep on adding the lectures. Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students about to complete their course.

  • Engineering graduates who are seeking a job.

  • Engineering students appearing for placement interviews.

  • Students appearing for interview for civil engineer.

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