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Create Cinematic Scenes in Adobe Photoshop

learn how to create amazing cinematic Scenes using stock images


  • Photoshop user with beginner to intermediate knowledge of the software

  • Having access to photoshop CS6 and above

Description This course will teach you how to create a cinematic sunset scene inspired by the Star Wars franchise if you are serious about Photoshop, then you should definitely check it out because this course will take your compositing skills to the next level you will learn a lot of valuable techniques like:

  • matching light and color

  • advanced masking and image blending techniques

  • using displacement maps to apply heat distortion

  • Advanced lighting effects and rim light painting techniques

  • creating depth with luminosity and blurring techniques

  • painting hair using custom brushes

And more Who is this course for? this course if for existing photographers or anyone who wants to improve his compositing skills and take them to the next level maybe you are a beginner digital artist, and also love cinematic effects, then this course might be perfect for you. But it does so much more for you than simply showing you how to use a cinematic sunset scene effectively. Through the course, you will learn some of the essential skills to master photo editing and achieve dramatic results with your composite photos each and every time. Advanced masking, blending, luminosity, and blurring techniques are just a few of the skills you can add to your repertoire after taking this Photoshop Compositing course. Who this course is for:

  • this course is for anyone who wants to take his photo editing and compositing skills to he next level

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