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Cute & Easy Animal Characters in Procreate & Paper. Series 1

Sketching Phase. Learn to design cute animal characters in a fun and easy way with step-by-step projects


  • Suitable for complete beginners - absolutely no experience necessary

  • Paper and pencil or Procreate and Apple Pencil

  • Desire to learn how to draw cute animal characters in a fun way

Description Feeling creatively stuck is remarkably frustrating, right? If you've ever wondered if this happens to everyone, the answer is yes. Mr Creative Block doesn’t care about our years of experience, so it’s important to have some tools on-hand to get us unstuck and back on track. Welcome to the How to Draw Cute and Easy Animal Character series 1: Outlining the Cute Factor In this course, I will share with you one of the best ways I’ve found to recharge my creative batteries, which is to forget about anatomy, proportions, and all the heavy stuff, go back to basics and take a whole different course of action. And so The Egg Method were born! We will use this super simple and fun method to draw adorable animal characters in just a few steps. Of course, we’ll first get to know what “The Egg Method” is all about, what makes a character look cute, and identify the key features of what we want to draw. I will use my iPad and Procreate. Procreate is a drawing and painting app for iPad. If don’t know how to use the app, no worries, I’ve included a quick lesson about it in this class. In any case, you can follow this class using any other software or just paper and pencil. This course is perfect for beginning traditional and digital artists. People who are trained at illustration will probably already know what I explain in this series but, you know, you can always learn something new from others. So anyone who wants to learn how to draw cute characters and unblock their creativity at the same time is invited to take this class. As a bonus, I’ve included a workbook with all the info and practices. Ok! Let’s get to it! Note: This course is focus on learning how to sketch cute characters in a fun way. You won’t find here fundamentals of character design, anatomy studies, or realistic proportions, but a fun method to boost your creativity on drawing cute animal characters. Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners

  • Hobby Artists

  • Crafters who want to go beyond pre-made designs

  • Adults and Children (8+)

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