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Discover your Energy Body

The ChakraSchool Guide to Mastering your Chakras, Revealing the Secret World Within, and Having your Mind Blown.


  • Students will simply need to be present, and ready to learn!

Description Are you ready to discover a new world with me? You are not just a physical body---you have an energy body as well...and understanding this energy body will allow you to change or upgrade your life much more easily. The best model I have found for this is the Chakras. Join me as I take you through your energy body and entertain you, enlighten you, and blow your mind---this is a course to watch in a few sittings and begin down the path of discovering there is much more going on inside you than you realized. You will learn :

  • What the 7 Chakras are and how to begin healing them

  • How some very successful people leverage mastery of their chakras to achieve great results

  • How many of your problems and issues are linked with the one Chakra you have trouble with

  • How to better understand EVERYONE around you

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for individuals who want a deeper understanding of life and themselves

  • This course is not for closed minded indivuduals not yet ready for learning and growth

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