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Drones: how to tell Aerial Stories [100% renewed in 2022]

Don't just film something from the sky. Tell a real story and film beautiful places with your drone.


  • Owning a drone or planning to buy it and of course a computer :)

  • Being proactive and having a great desire to learn

  • Feeling enthusiastic about learning new skills and raising the level

  • A strong desire to create experiences for the viewers

Description The ONLY course that applies narrative fiction and psychology tricks exclusively to aerial footage. [Fully new course 2022] [Trusted by more than 3k students] What's it about?

  • Are you tired of boring landscape shots with your drone? Start telling exciting stories with your drone, with a beginning and an ending. You want your videos to be a truly genuine experience for your viewer.

  • Take full control of your drone, know all its settings, understand pre and postproduction. And most importantly, play with your viewers psychology learning the most important tools about storytelling.

  • Be finally a pro drone filmmaker

Why take this course?

  • Here you'll learn how to make an authentic aerial production. To get the most out of your drone and your camera, first you should understand the components that each of them has, and how they work, in order to get very specific results, that will make you discover a new world.

  • Based on the negative and positive experiences from all my productions already made, and adding many of the questions that users ask me, you'll learn a new air language. I'll put you in the situations that you'll face, and you'll learn ways to solve them.

  • Above all, this course is about telling a story. Do you ever get tired of seeing landscapes and more landscapes no matter how pretty they are? It's time to learn what a story is, what elements it has, and especially how to apply them to aerial footage. This course is a pioneer in applying fiction exclusively to this type of recording.

  • You'll be joining a closed Telegram group for students where you'll be able to post your footage and get instant feedback from other students and the instructor.

"As a beginner, and with my DJI Mini 2, I never thought I could improve my films that much. I am SO thankful that I came across Alex's course. I've learned so many new things, techniques, tools and shots, that I literally went from deceptive videos to decent productions within a few weeks. I can only recommend this course to anyone seeking to understand the power of a well-developed story, the mastering of your drone and all its settings, plus knowing how to edit your videos with great colors and appropriate music. If I could give you 100 stars I would Alex. For those who don't know him, he's a very kind instructor always answering students doubts and questions. What a nice experience this has been. ★★★★★" Higashami N., [Feb. 2022] How is the course structured?

  • Even when you know how to get the most out of your drone, in this course you'll learn the tools to make your productions even better. You'll understand and apply editing and post-production processes, to both image and audio. From a good synchronization of both, color grading your footage, working on good titles, to manual audio editing that will make viewers have an even better experience.

  • Finally you'll do some exercises in which you'll be able to show everything that you have learned.

Come on in, you won't regret it :) ! You'll enjoy and learn things that you never imagined you were able to do. Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in enhancing their skills in aerial productions

  • If you want to go a step further and not just film beautiful scenery but expressing feelings or stories

  • If you want to create experiences for the viewer, this is your course

  • If you are only looking for legal advice, this is sadly not your course

  • Although the basic security guidelines and common sense actions will be taught in this course

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