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Fun Beginner Ukulele Course

Learn to play the ukulele and be the star at the party!


  • You need no prior kwowledge to benifet from this course!

Description Hello and welcome the this beginner ukulele course! This course is perfect for the beginner ukulele player that is looking to start playing fun songs and wants to have fun playing! First I walk you step-by-step through basic info you will need to understand. Then we move on and I show you what tuner is best and how to get into tune. I also teach you how to remember the tuning using a FUN little riddle :-) After that it´s time to get the first chords under your fingers! I start out with some really easy chords, so you will be making music and having fun within just minutes!!! After that I walk you through some cool and very useful strumming patterns, so you will be ready to play songs in no time! NOW, YOU`RE READY for your first songs!!! I walk you step-by-step though your first 3 songs. All the songs have "in video" chord charts and chord pictures, so you will have ZERO trouble following along. :-) After we learn the song together, I do a play-along. This way it´s really easy for you to follow along and get a great feeling for the song! This is a FUN and interactive course and I´m sure you will love it!!! All the song lessons come with downloadable PDF files, so it´s really easy for you to practice away from the computer, when you take your show on the road. The course also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk for you! I really hope to see you inside the course and can´t wait to read your positive review ;-) See you inside!!! -Henry Who this course is for:

  • This is the perfect course if you´re a total beginner or have very basic skills

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