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How to Make Subliminal Audios and Hack the Subconscious Mind

Subliminal Manipulation


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Description I have been making subliminal audios now for 6 years and discovered the secrets to making instantaneous results from subliminal manipulation. if you want to make subliminal audios yourself for whatever you desire, be it physical, mental or career based manifestations, or for your friends/family or even to start your own subliminal channel, then this is the course for you! What you'll learn: 1) How the Subconscious & Conscious mind works 2) How to hack the subconscious mind 3) How to write affirmations and text to speech conversion 4) How to manipulate an audio to make it subliminal and elongation technique 5) Compression 6) Duplication and distinction 7) Masking Who this course is for:

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