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IP Addressing and Subnetting

Learn the easy way to subnet


  • basic understanding of Networking devices

  • Any server knowledge/ already CCNA will be an adantage but not cumpulsory

Description One of the most intimidating but extremely important subjects on the CCENT/CCNA or ICND1 exam is subnetting. If you started listening from basic IP addressing which is covered in our list of topics from the beginning and have understood everything, then you won't have any problem understanding subnetting. I'm going to try and explain subnetting as simply as possible and hope to answer all your questions. Now, because subnetting is a big topic to talk about, I've split it into a few sections. Logically, as you move on to higher sections, the concepts and material difficulty will increase: The guide will help you in calculating subnet boundaries and valid host address fast enough for use in a Cisco CCNA or ICND1 exam. Who this course is for:

  • Network administrators, network engineers,network managers, network designers, project managers, and individuals seeking the CCENT or CCNA certifications

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