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Learn how to make a Portfolio Website template

Portfolio template with Html and Css


  • Some knowledge on html and Css

Description Welcome Guys! I have created this course where I show you how to make a minimalist Portfolio website template using basic Html & Css Code and AOS animation. This course is divided in the following 5 Sections: First Section: Introduction A Brief Introduction of what you will be learning and applying to your template. Second Section: Header You will learn how remove the background of a profile picture on Photoshop in the easiest way. Also we will be adding some figures and text on the section and applying AOS animation. Third Section: Skills Container You will be learning how to create a grid with 4 boxes and make an smooth transition filling the boxes when you hover them according to the percentage of each. We apply AOS animation as well. Fourth Section: Portfolio Container Create a Grid with 3 Boxes with images and Text, the zoom in animation will be add it with the property scale. Fifth Section: Contact Form Create a Contact Form with social media icons. For this we will be adding the input and text area tags and the Icons with Font awesome. You can get also the file Sources of this template attached to the last section of the Course. +POP UP On the file sources you will find the code of (3) Popups for Each Portfolio Container Box (Third Section). Who this course is for:

  • Beginners html and Css

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