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Learning How to Learn From Video Courses

Stop watching online Courses like a movie, and start learning for real. It's possible.


  • We recommend that you purchase or enroll in at least one course before taking our course.

Description Dear Future Student, I realize you have a few dozen courses to choose from. Thanks for considering this one! Why should you enroll in my course, and why should you NOT wait? What is in this course: This course is a product of my ongoing, unique research on learning from video courses. You'll learn:

  • What makes learning from video courses harder than you think?

  • How to fix it?

  • How to avoid watching video courses like a movie?

  • How to increase the retention of knowledge

  • How to be more FOCUSED when you are learning online.

Online Learning is a unique and continuously evolving field that requires frequent updates to keep up with the trends. I will keep adding videos as I unearth new ideas and get the data needed to back them. Learning from Online Courses is harder than you think. I am not saying this because I found it difficult for myself, or I saw my friends struggle. I have researched thousands of online learners' video-watching behavior across a breadth of online courses before arriving at this conclusion. Let's face it. We all sign up for courses even when we know there are courses that we are sitting on without completing, only reassuring ourselves that someday we will complete them. If a mere completion of an online course can be difficult, how hard would it be to learn from it? And what about retaining that Learning and applying it to our lives? This course explores the fundamental problems with learning online, primarily from video courses. You will see and relate to the issues we face as we try to complete online courses. Instead of just knowing the problems, we will discuss the solutions for them as well. At the end of this course, you will be able to pick the right courses for yourself; you will also be able to see that you are completing them faster than ever; importantly, learn from them and retain that Learning for the rest of your life. Using checklists and guidelines included in the course, you will develop your learning process. This course will surely make you a smarter learner when it comes to learning from online video courses! Join me on a journey towards lifelong learning. Who this course is for:

  • Someone who is new to online learning or teaching

  • Anyone who has plans to sign up for new online courses

  • Those who have subscribed to online courses but strugglled to complete them

  • Those who complete courses but are not learning are retaining infromation from them

  • Those who watch online courses like a movie and quickly forget what they've learned

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