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LIVE Streaming Pro: Ultimate Course | From Beginner to Pro

Everything you need to know to LIVE stream workshops, events, webinars from my 11+ years of experience.


  • PC or Mac with i5 or better processor.

  • Fast Internet connection (at least 2/2 Mb/s).

  • A digital camera with HDMI output or at least a webcam for testing.

  • Basic knowledge about how digital cameras work (optical zoom, white balance, focus, aperture).

Description ** #1 Bestselling LIVE Streaming Course. 1500+ participants & 300+ reviews. ** ** Everything you need to know to jump form a beginner to pro in one place. ** ** No paid promotion of any products (like in other courses). ** ** Evergreen know-how based on my 11+ years of experience, over 500 LIVE projects. ** ** Join my course and take your LIVE streams to the next level! ** Do you want to perfect your Facebook LIVE shows? LIVE stream a "TED-like" conference? Are you the online marketer that want to produce webinars to attract new customers? Maybe, you want to LIVE stream your online show or a new online course? Maybe you are a video producer with passion for learning new things and want to expand your video production services to get more customers and earn more money? You are in the right hands! :) I know that learning how to live stream is hard... There are soooo many cameras, capture cards, mixers and other piece of equipment - it's really difficult to choose something. There are also dozens of live streaming platforms like Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Wowza, StreamShark, Dacast and you probably don't have time to test everything. Don't worry - I will help you! I will teach you:

  • What gear to choose?

  • What platforms are the best?

  • How to connect everything together?

  • How to avoid common issues like video buffering?

My name is Bart Rycharski, I have 11+ years of experience in LIVE streaming. I did 500+ LIVE events for my clients (mostly corporate and very demanding companies). Now, I decided to teach you how to do it right! "LIVE Streaming Pro" Course includes:

  • 3h of video tutorials based evergreen content and 11+ years of practical experience,

  • extra materials with links to recommended tools and other sources of knowledge,

  • access to discussion group when I will answer all your questions!

Everything you need to know to start streaming in one place! Let's join this course and let's do it LIVE! :-) Who this course is for:

  • You want to produce high quality LIVE streaming from workshops, conferences, online shows, sports and other events.

  • You want to learn how to LIVE stream to build your LIVE streaming business and get new customers.

  • You want to invest in professional gear but you don't know what to choose? (I will save you tons of time and money).

  • You want to get the most out of Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE and other new forms of LIVE streaming.

  • You want to sell more products and services by taking advantage of the Professional Webinars.

  • This course is NOT for people who want to live stream using webcams - I will be teaching more professional solutions.

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