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Make Epic Videos for the Internet!

YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, etc. They all want one thing from you... Great Content! Let's start creating!


  • You'll need a Camera. Any digital camera will work, but if you need help picking out a camera, we'll go over that ;)

  • Editing Software. I use Adobe Premiere but any basic editing software will work for this course

  • Willingness to put yourself out there, because once you go viral... there's no going back.

Description I've spent the last 10+ years making videos for brands & artists and there has clearly been a major shift in content being consumed. Everyone used to throw around words like "Professional" and "Commercial". Now it's all about "Viral" "Memes" "Trendy". After seeing the significance of online video, I started a youtube channel and my life was changed in a matter of months. We no longer need big expensive productions to make good videos. What's important is what you put in front of that camera, how you tell your story, understanding what makes stimulating content, and presenting it in a way that'll leave your viewers begging for more. Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to start creating online content, or looking to improve their video creating skills

  • If you have to beg people to watch your videos, there's something wrong with your content. Let's focus on how to fix that so people will be begging you to make more!

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