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Master SQL interviews (Top Interview questions & answers)

Learn Most Common SQL interview questions and answers with detailed explanations & hands on examples


  • Basic SQL knowledge will be beneficial

Description This course has been intended for programmers and testers who want to master SQL interview questions and answers. Most of the modern applications create data in a backend database and hence knowing SQL is an essential skill for everyone. The course covers a number of questions and answers in the following areas 1) Databases 2) Various types of Database Management system 3) Different types of SQL statements - DDL, DML and DCL statements 4) SQL introduction 5) Creating tables 6) SQL Data types 7) SELECT INTO operations 8) Conditional SELECT operations 9) DELETE ALL and Conditional DELETE operations 10) DELETE and TRUNCATE operation comparison 11) DROP table operations 12) Data Integrity and constraints 13) Column level and Table level primary Keys 14) Creating Unique keys 15) Various types of check constraints 16) Nullable columns 17) Aggregate functions 18) SQL statements to address different goals 19) Displaying schema of tables 20) What are JOINS? 21) Different types of JOINS - Inner Join, Left Outer, Right Outer and Full Outer Joins 22) What is SELF and Cross Joins? 23) Displaying System Date and time 24) Displaying server and database names 25) Various string operations - Substring, CHARINDEX, Concatenation etc 26) Creating an empty table from an existing table 27) LEFT, RIGHT operations 28) What are indexes? 29) Describe Clustered indexes 30) Non-clustered indexes and difference from Clustered indexes 31) Describe Unique Indexes and many more ... Who this course is for:

  • This course has been designed for Data scientists, programmers and testers looking to master SQL interviews

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