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Mastering Sitefinity MVC Widget Development

Learn the ins and outs of developing professional MVC widgets for Sitefinity


  • Understanding of Sitefinity as a Content Management System

  • Prior knowledge of MVC is a plus

  • General Knowledge of .NET development is a plus

Description In addition to Sitefinity CMS built-in widgets, you can create new widgets from scratch and implement your own logic and customize widgets' built-in functionality. You also have the option of keeping the widgets in separate assemblies and deploy them independently of your project. You can then use your new widgets side by side with the built-in ones. With Sitefinity CMS, you have the option to develop widgets in both the SitefinityWebApp project or in external assemblies. The underlying development concept is the same but the way you organize and manage your code differs between the two methods. In this course you will learn the following:

  • Building a Sitefinity application from scratch using Nuget Packages in Visual Studio

  • Using the Sitefinity CLI to generate boiler plate code for Widgets

  • Understand the use of Controllers, Models and Views in the structure of a Sitefinity Widget

  • Learn about the Automatic Widget Designer in Sitefinity

  • Learn about the Property Attributes that facilitate the creation of complex UX in Widget Designers

  • Building Custom widget Designers and the use of Sitefinity Feather

  • Using JSON files to set the Priority, Visibility, Components and Scripts for a Designer

  • Using Angular to connect public properties to the Sitefinity database in Designers

  • Building Class Libraries to host external Sitefinity Widgets

  • Tips and tricks along the way to make Sitefinity MVC Widget Development fun and productive.

Who this course is for:

  • The target students for this course are students looking to develop MVC widgets for Sitefinity professionally

  • Also students needing to build Widget Designers for Sitefinity MVC Widgets

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