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Mastering Windows Autopilot with Microsoft Intune

Take your Windows Autopilot configuration to the next level, with advanced knowledge & skills from a Microsoft MVP.


  • Some knowledge of Windows administration

  • Some knowledge of Intune

  • Appetite to delve deep into technical concepts related to Windows Autopilot

Description We're excited to bring you exclusive Microsoft MVP led Windows Autopilot training, here on Udemy! Windows Autopilot has been around since 2017. This is not a new technology, and yet, not everyone who uses or relies on Autopilot really understands how it works. I'm Dean - I'm a Microsoft MVP and Certified trainer, and I've been working with Autopilot since it was released. In this course, we're going to cover Autopilot in depth - from understanding what a hardware hash is and what it's made up of, through to deploying devices at scale via an OEM. If you're an IT admin with some experience of Autopilot or Windows Deployment, and you want to become the subject matter expert for your team - this course is for you. We skip the basics, and jump straight into the technical detail. We cover:

  • What is Windows Autopilot:

  • Understand what Windows Autopilot is, understand Azure Active Directory and Intune core components related to Autopilot, understand license concepts and requirements for Windows Autopilot

  • The Windows Autopilot Hardware Hash

  • Understand the Autopilot hardware hash, Learn the possible methods to obtain the hardware hash, Review how the hardware hash is generated, Understand when not to use the hardware hash

  • Windows Autopilot in Action

  • In this module we witness how Autopilot works in a basic lab environment. We’ll create an Autopilot Profile and deploy it to a target workstation.

  • Troubleshooting Windows Autopilot

  • Learn how to troubleshoot Windows Autopilot - from Log Collection to Analysis

Who this course is for:

  • Experienced Windows administrators who have a need to understand more about Windows Autopolit

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