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Music Production Secrets: Boost your Productivity

Become a more efficient Music Composer, Producer and Songwriter


  • You need a DAW (example: Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One etc.)

  • You need basic knowledge of music composition and production

  • You need basic knowledge of music (rhythm, harmony, chords, keys etc)

Description Music Production Secrets for Improving your Productivity Welcome to your new learning adventure, where you will become a master of fast and efficient songwriting in any music style you want to make. You may now ask: why and how? Well, because in this course you will learn a great number of music sketching techniques, rapid songwriting secrets, as well as powerful and helpful tools you can use to become ultra productive in creating the core arrangement of any new song you start. It does not matter what genre or style of music you want to make. The tips, tricks, techniques and secrets you will learn in this course will be incredibly helpful to speed up your songwriting workflow. You will learn to use the power of:

  • Music Inspiration Kickstarters

  • Brainstorming Techniques

  • Music Mockup Creation

  • Chord Charts & Lead Sheets

  • DAW Project Templates

You will learn about: inspiration boosters, creative flow, brainstorming tools etc. The goal is to make you get into the mood and flow of music making, and to generate the seeds that will then grow into an amazing final piece of music. You will learn about: the key elements of music, mockup folder, track details etc. The goal is to make you a much more efficient music creator, by using these sketching and mockup techniques that you will learn in this class. You will learn what a chord chart is, how to create your own chord chart, what variations you can choose, what helpful tools you can use, and finally how to use your chord chart to maximise your music making flow and efficiency. You will learn what a lead sheet is, how to create your own lead sheet, what variations you can use, and how to use your lead sheet to maximise your music making flow. You will even learn about creating a DAW project template. The goal is to have a perfect starting point when making music, so that you can avoid wasting time. This way you will be free to start focusing on the fun and creative parts of making music, as soon as you open up your project template in your music production software. Who this course is for:

  • Music Composers

  • Music Producers

  • Musicians

  • Songwriters

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