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Music Theory

An in-depth and straight forward approach to understanding music.


  • no previous musical knowledge is needed

Description Why should I learn music theory? Isn't it just "theoretical" knowledge that I won't really use? Nothing could be further from the truth! Music theory also has many practical applications. A musician who has studied music theory has a huge advantage over a musician who has not. Not only will they read music more fluently, their performances will be more musical because they will understand the various elements of music and how all the parts work together. Song writers and composers with a background in music theory will also have a huge advantage over those without such a background. In fact, for those who want to write music, there is nothing more important than having a firm understanding of music theory. Why You Should Take This Course:

  • you will be learning from a professional musician and award-winning composer

  • the course is in-depth and covers all levels

  • the material is presented in a straight forward and easy to understand approach

  • the videos and PDFs get right to the point, and do not ramble on for lengthy amounts of time saying very little and leaving you confused

  • you will go beyond just definitions and terms and get the added benefit of learning the "why" behind the subject matter


  • 112 lectures

  • over 350 diagrams

  • over 90 audio examples

  • 369 memory questions

  • 45 on-line quizzes

  • nearly 1,000 quiz questions

  • exercises, experiments and downloadable music apps

Who this course is for:

  • those who want more than just definitions and terms, but also want the "why"

  • beginners to advanced music students

  • musicians who want to improve their reading and musical performance

  • songwriters and composers (a firm grasp of music theory is necessary to excel in your art)

  • any person wanting to learn more about music

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