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National Professional Practice Exam- NPPE Preparation Course

NPPE Preparartion course to get your professional title in Canada(P.Eng or P.Geo)


  • Before applying to the NPPE, you must registered as an Engineer in Training, Geoscientist in Training, Temporary License, A Licensee Applicant, or has submitted an application for professional membership

Description Prepare for the NPPE with a self-directed online National Professional Practice Exam(NPPE) preparation course. Passing the NPPE is an important step to getting your licence as a Professional Engineer/Geoscientist in Canada. The course for Engineers and Geoscientists planning to write the NPPE. You can complete the course within a four-week period. This Course contains Nine Sections:- - Section 1: Introduction and NPPE structure - 3 Lectures - Section 2: Definitions (Ethics and Law) - 5 Lectures - Section 3: Engineering and Geoscience Ethics - 11 Lectures - Section 4: Environmental Ethics and Sustainability - 3 Lectures - Section 5: Law for Professional Practice - 2 Lectures - Section 6: E- Study Guide - 2 videos - Section 7: 12 quizzes (300 multiple choices) - Section 8: 2 Practice tests (220 Multiple choices) - Mixed questions from section 7 - Section 9: References The course is designed to give the students the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge. This course is full life access, you can access it on mobile, desktop, or TV. Improve your chances of success in passing the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) required for the P. Eng/P. Geo licence in Canada. You will cover the subject in a structured learning environment. You will learn about the ethical aspects, social responsibility, and sustainability issues faced by professional engineers in engineering practice. Laws of contracts and torts will also be covered. Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those planning to be Professional Engineers or Geoscientists in Canada

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