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Outstanding Composition: How to blow away your audience

Learn how to impress your followers with perfectly composed photographs which stand out in the crowd on every platform.


  • Know your camera

  • Know the basics of photography

  • Know the dependence between aperture, shutter and ISO

Description This course shows in depth how composition should be done and why some photos work or others don't. Thomas shows several composition elements which helps you improve your photos from scratch. After this course you will look at the world with different eyes and will make your photos in a more creative way. You will learn...

  • ...what the golden ratio, the rule of third and the Fibonacci Spiral are

  • ...why the background plays an important role like the main subject

  • ...that you can reach a lot with less effort

  • ...why less is more

  • ...where there is most potential

  • do you find the right distance

  • do you find the right frame

  • you approach people in the right moment

I will show a lot of my photos and explain why I have composed them like that. So it's a course with a lot of examples. When you have completed this course, you will...

  • ...think more before you take the shot

  • more observing when it comes to composition

  • ...better compose your photos

  • ...have more fun doing photography

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody who is new to photography

  • Everybody who is new to street photography

  • Everybody who wants to improve his photographs from a composition perspective

  • Everybody who wants to learn about composition elements next to the golden ratio

  • Everybody who enjoys looking at creative and well composed photos

  • This is not a basic camera course

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