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Photoshop for Architects

Bring Any Concept To Life


  • no experience needed

Description Bring Any Concept To Life In this class, you’ll learn how improve your presentations with the help of photoshop. This class is great for anyone, whether you’re a homeowner looking to freshen up a space or an interior design looking to practice your skills. Even if you prefer to draw your visuals by hand, Photoshop can still be useful. For instance, if you’ve created and rendered your own perspective drawings without using CAD software, you can use Photoshop to accentuate and enhance your visuals. You can add lighting effects to give an idea of depth, tone and shade. These skills can be applied to different disciplines within a design context, from garden designs to retail concepts. Using the same tools and techniques, you can render planting plans, garden plans, and even store fronts and product displays. These steps are ordered in such a way as to get you creating the best images in the fastest time possible. If you were looking to do this professionally or churn out really high end images, I would shuffle some of these steps around and put a higher priority on 3D model texture and render settings. The barrier to entry for Photoshop is much less than that of render software. You can iterate and experiment at a much faster rate which is crucial to successful viz. With rendering software, it is too easy to get sucked into the endless search for perfect render settings and waiting hours for images to kick out. Who this course is for:

  • Architect, Students, design professionals

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