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Pure Pentatonic Power: Rock and Blues Lead Guitar Course

18 Guitar Licks using Pentatonic and Blues Scales. Jam Tracks at 3 speeds. Tab on screen and Twin HD Camera Angles


  • Welcome to Pure Pentatonic Power; A Masterclass in Rock and Blues Soloing!

  • If you are tired of sifting through videos and tabs trying to find clear, structured information on soloing with Pentatonic and Blues scales, you are in luck!

  • I have designed this course to take the mystery out of guitar soloing in an accurate and well paced manner

  • You will learn all your shapes and then be taken on a musical journey through the ages of guitar!

  • Its practical but also fun as you get jam tracks to try the licks out and at variable speeds

  • There are 18 licks in total, although each lick is 3-4 bars long, so you can split them up into multiple licks giving you well over 60 cool phrases.

  • You will learn all the patterns, bends, shapes, techniques, slides, hammer ons, pull offs, triplets, quadruplets, intervals and most importantly; all the secrets of the greats of rock and blues.

  • The course is designed so that you will learn all the scale shapes by barely trying, the licks use the whole guitar neck and you will be flying between patterns with ease

  • Sounding like a pro guitarist will no longer be unattainable and you may surprise yourself

  • Essentially all you need is a PC, tablet or phone and a guitar!

  • It may help to have some experience of playing guitar, although beginners through to advanced will benefit from the course and everything is clearly explained.

Description PURE PENTATONIC POWER - UDEMY BESTSELLER — Are you stuck in that one Pentatonic box on the guitar? Is it comfortable because you feel safe there? ​ — Playing the same old licks with little to no inspiration? ​ — Would you like to free yourself and use the entire guitar neck? ​ — Think how much happier you'd be understanding the patterns' licks and tricks of the 'Guitar Greats'. — Do you think a slow, detailed and structured approach would be better than flying blind? — Are you a Rock, Blues, Metal, Funk, Jazz or Pop fan? ​ — Could you benefit from the security of Jam Tracks that have 3 different speed This Bestselling Course includes re-shot HD Video with twin camera angles, tab on screen and printable, professional quality audio, multi speed jam tracks and a new bonus section. Pure Pentatonic Power is a series of digestible guitar lessons designed to take the stress out of learning scales. It aims to help you and use them to construct guitar solos. It is gently paced and well structured, first teaching all the shapes for Pentatonic and Blues Scales, and then applying them to 5 Rock/Blues guitar Jam tracks in different keys. The course has 18 licks or mini guitar solos. The licks are huge and can be broken down into many little phrases to use independently . Over two hours of HD video is used to break down each guitar lick slowly after a full speed demo, a PDF Tab file is also supplied. There is no mystery or guess work involved and all the licks, tricks and secrets of the guitar greats are taught in these guitar lessons. Designed by analysing many great guitarists from the Rock and Blues genres, Pure Pentatonic Power was created by taking their most important phrases, patterns, techniques used with the Pentatonic and Blues Scales and applying them all over the guitar neck in different positions. Whilst staying true to what i would call the "favourite" positions and licks of all your guitar heroes. I have of course added my own experience of being a guitarist and teacher of over 25 years to the licks too! Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to improve their rock and blues guitar soloing

  • People wanting to understand there Pentatonic and Blues scales and more importantly how to apply them

  • Students who want to have fun whilst learning, jam with tracks provided and use practical examples

  • Anyone stuck in a rut with their guitar playing

  • People who solo well but need a little inspiration

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