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Python Beginner To Expert (2022) .

Learn all aspects of the Python Programming


  • Please install python version 3

  • No programming experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know from Beginning to Expert Level

Description Learn Python In The Best Way . A course to make you completely familiar with Python Become a python programmer and learn all python skills needed for the IT job. Complete the course and crack the python interviews and get placed with good salary. The course is 10 hours long and built in such a way that once you complete the course you will no longer need to search the internet for python related stuffs. Because everything is covered in this course for you. Chapters and Contents 1. Control Flow Statements :

  • Learn what are control flow statements and loops. Do sample programs with loops and control flow statements.

2. Lists :

  • All operations on python lists

3. Strings :

  • All operations on strings and string formatting

4. Dictionary :

  • All operations on dictionary

5. Tuple : All tuple operations 6. Set : All set operations 7. Functions

  • Writing and calling python functions

  • Type of functions in python

  • lambda functions

  • User defined vs built-in functions

8. Object oriented programming (OOPs)

  • Creating classes

  • Inheritance

  • Types of inheritance

  • Method overriding

9. Exception handling

  • What are exceptions

  • Handling exceptions

  • Checking for multiple exceptions

  • Creating our own exception

10. Modules and packages and libraries

  • What is a module,package,and library

  • Built-in vs User defined modules

  • Built in modules in detail

11. Date and time operations

  • Date and time operations using datetime module

12. File operations

  • All file operations - reading ,writing, appending

13. Iterators and Generators 14. Regular Expressions -Regex

  • How to use regex in python - re module

  • regex practical applications - finding email,phone numbers and other values from strings

15. Python and CSV Files

  • Reading data from CSV Files

  • Writing data to the CSV File

16. Python pandas - widely used library for data analysis

  • Creating dataframe

  • All operations on dataframe

  • reading and writing to csv and excel

  • data analysis operations

17. Python and MySql

  • Create database

  • add data to table

  • read , update and delete data from database table.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners trying to become a Software Developer in Python.

  • Those who wants to learn all aspects of the Python Programming

  • Developers trying to switch technology to the python world

  • Students from school or college who wants to learn Python starting from scratch.

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