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Rock Out with Photoshop

Learn Photoshop Techniques and Tricks


  • There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone who wants to learn Photoshop can understand the fundamentals with this course.

Description If you're learning design, no tool is more important than Photoshop. From web design to graphic design to motion design and animation to interior design, Photoshop is a primary tool for composing, editing, repairing, and optimizing images. Almost every job in a design field requires that you understand Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is, however, as complex as it is powerful, and many who have tried have thrown up their hands in frustration. You need an experienced instructor and a well-thought-out curriculum to master Photoshop. Welcome to Rock Out with Photoshop with master instructor Mark Lassoff. Mark has been using Photoshop since the first versions of the program-- back in the days of monochrome screens and floppy disks. Mark brings his decades of Photoshop and design experience to this learn-by-doing Photoshop course. Skipping the theoretical and focusing entirely on practical Photoshop techniques that designers use daily, Mark designed this course for you to learn quickly by working with real-world design techniques. You'll experience all of the primary tools to get you started with Photoshop, and you'll do so by completing real-world projects and tasks in every lesson. If you've wanted to learn Photoshop or perhaps made previous attempts and failed, this is the course for you. Mark makes Photoshop fun and understandable. You'll be creating in no time when you enroll in Rock Out with Photoshop! Who this course is for:

  • New designers and developers who want to use Photoshop for image editing

  • Students and Teachers

  • Digital designers who want to be able to create and edit images

  • Aspiring graphic, digital and motion designers

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