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Sing like a Pro: Gain Vocal Mastery for any Tv Talent Show

Advanced singing lessons and dozens of practical vocal training exercises, on the longest and most detailed course.


  • No prior knowledge or experience necessary

  • 20 -30 minutes of daily practice time

  • Motivation to become a much better singer

Description Want to start singing well? Then we present the biggest Vocal Coaching course on Udemy, with 180 lessons, dozens of practical exercises for you to practice and a total duration of 23 hours! If you’ve always wanted to enter a TV talent show, but you’ve never had enough confidence in your voice, this is the right course for you. It will transform the way you breathe and sing, dramatically improving your vocal control, the way you sing and your confidence, without even having to leave the house. This course was set up to be practical and didactic, so that through the exercises shown, you can get an immediate result, which you will be able to feel in your voice. We’ll talk about how to transmit emotion to your audience, express feelings with clarity, and other technical issues that will help you to develop your identity through your singing and within the song. Come learn more about interpretation and performance, and bring more feeling and expressiveness to your songs, delighting and moving your audience! You’ll learn how the voice works (vocal physiology), and what resources you can use to make your work even better, whether you’re singing, acting or recording videos. Who this course is for:

  • Young people and adults who sing as a hobby, or plan to start a professional career.

  • Music lovers who want to learn to sing from the basics to an advanced level and OVERCOME their fears with a cycle of continuous improvements.

  • Singers looking for more expressiveness

  • People interested in learning to sing

  • All singers or would-be singers, whether you’re a beginner or not.

  • Singers who want to interpret their songs with more emotion

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