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Skate-Pro: Inline skating course for adult beginners.

The how to inline skate course for beginners wanting to feel safe learning to skate, stop, turn and go faster.


  • Course participants should be wearing inline skates with a heel brake and also protective gear (knee and wrist pads and helmet recommended). A sense of adventure and patience are also beneficial.

  • No previous skating experience necessary.

  • If you are self taught then this course will help you polish the basics (and perfect your stopping) so you can move on to the intermediate world.

Description This inline skate course is taught through video tutorials with accompanying training notes. These detailed video lessons are divided into a progressive course syllabus, allowing the skate student to learn at their own pace through step-by-step instructions, detailed demos and explanations. The training notes then help to structure your practice in a way that will lead to safe and continuous learning of new skills. Learn how to skate without falling, without trial and error and without embarrassment and risk of injury. Gain confidence, stability, know-how, conscious balance you create by focussing on where your is on your feet and reproducing that every moment, so YOU are in control of the wheels and not them. You will learn how to use the heel brake effectively, how to skate slowly for stability and then faster for fitness. Learn two different turning methods, beginner and advanced beginner options. Feel safe and secure at increasing speeds and know exactly what to do at each point in a given manoeuvre. No guess work. No confusion. The course will take several months to complete depending on the amount and frequency of practice time available to the student, but it’s far more efficient than learning by trial and error. Starting with the basics the benefits of learning with this course include knowing how a skill should look and feel, understanding the mechanics of what's going on and creating informed practice time to consolidate the theory that is learned in the videos. Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who have always wanted to skate and haven't done so yet and want to start from scratch. It is also for the self taught adult beginner skater who got rolling alone but who can't stop well and feels uncomfortable turning or at speed.

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