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The 3 Golden Rules of Singing: Secrets Every Pro Knows

Building and shaping the voice for all levels!


  • No previous experience necessary. Learn it all here!


  • Learn 3 key techniques that pro singers use across genres with customizable warm ups to fit your voice.

  • Build muscle memory with fun, easy-to-learn tricks and singing hacks.

  • Understand what is really meant when people say ‘breathe from your diaphragm” and grow your breath support exponentially.

  • Easily expand your vocal range to sing much higher and lower notes with ease.

  • Gain comfort and confidence with a stronger chest voice, fuller sounding head voice and falsetto.

  • Discover your most natural vocal tone and polish your timbre.

  • Harness your breath to sing louder and softer without strain.

  • Sharpen your technique for precise entry onto notes.

  • Increase your agility to nail riffs and runs with fast-paced scale exercises.

  • Sing mindfully by analyzing what feels good to your vocal cords and what sounds good to your stylistic ear.

  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of vocal health and upkeep, along with tips and tricks for when your voice isn’t feeling so great.

  • Polish your voice efficiently by using the wisest practice method.

  • ADDITIONAL TIP! Always practice while listening to yourself through a speaker or through headphones for a more in-depth experience and faster results.

  • Have fun experimenting with your voice and tailoring your sound to be exactly the way you like it!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner vocalists who want to learn about their voice.

  • Intermediate vocalists who want to polish their voice.

  • Advanced vocalists who want a new perspective on their craft.

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