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The Complete Introduction To Accounting and Finance

The Original Course on Accounting & Finance! It's easy once you know the basics. Learn introductory accounting & finance


  • Desire to learn accounting & finance

  • Access to Excel or other spreadsheet program

  • Passion to empower yourself with knowledge

  • Commitment to learning

Description Are You An Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner? Does Accounting Seem Overwhelming? Do Numbers And Financial Reports Confuse You? Would You Like To Learn Accounting & Finance in a Fun & Easy Way? If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above, Look No Further. This Is The Course For You! *** Updated in January 2022 with new content! *** Enroll today and join the 100,000+ successful students I have taught as a Top Rated Udemy instructor! Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures, including all new lectures, assignments, quizzes and downloads I add

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoroughly! This is an interactive course!

  3. You will are being taught by a professional with a proven track record of success!

  4. Bonus reason: Udemy has a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee!

Recent review: "Excellent course! I was looking for an introductory course to accounting and finance as I am an investor in early stage startups, and accounting/finance always seems to be an area which is confusing for founders. Chris Benjamin definitely has used his real world experience and education to create a course which teaches entrepreneurs and startups everything they should know from the start about accounting and finance. Kudos!" - JT Lexington, Maven Capital What Do You & I Cover In This Course? This course teaches entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses all things business accounting and entrepreneurial finance related, A to Z. Starting with an introduction to accounting concepts, we move into financial reports and how to create them, understand them and analyze them. Bookkeepers, Accountants, CFO's and Business Owners alike would all benefit from this course. Next, we learn about budgeting and forecasting. Next we discuss growing your company, how to understand and analyze it using non conventional reports. After growing your company, we talk about raising capital and what is involved and avenues you can take. One section is devoted to the initial public offering process and the timing, costs and best business practices involved. Last, we discuss exit strategies and how to give your investors and yourself a payoff for your hard work. This course is truly a start to finish of accounting and finance. At over 12 hours long, I wanted to make sure you will feel empowered and educated after taking the course. I Will Help You Throughout The Course! At any point during the course if you are confused or need clarification, send me a message! I'm here to help YOU the student, and I love interacting with you. I've been in accounting & finance over 20 years and can most likely answer your question. I have also included a copy of my ebook "Fund Your Startup by Chris Benjamin" which you will find as a download in the last lecture. Learn your options for funding, where to find investors, how to wow them, and lastly the must do steps to successful funding! *** CLICK "BUY NOW" AND LEARN FINANCE & ACCOUNTING EASILY FROM AN ACCOUNTING EXPERT *** About The Instructor Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience in accounting and finance. Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors. The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies. I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more. Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more! Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA Who this course is for:

  • Startups

  • Small Business

  • Entrepreneurs

  • CEO's

  • CFO's

  • Accountants

  • Bookkeeper

  • And anyone else who wants to learn more about accounting and finance

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