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Video Game Development With Python and Pygame

Wide understanding of the basics of my game development and walks us through complex Pygame modules


  • Python, Anaconda, Pygame module, Jupyter notebook

Description Python is one of the leading programming languages with large module support and an even larger developer community. Game development is one of the complex processes in software development. It requires both artistic and analytic mastery to develop a good game. Python as a programming language would act as a starting point for aspiring game developers. Pygame module of python is easy to implement core modules of a game with ease. In this course, we would learn to develop simple games with the pygame module of python. This course is a no brainer for aspiring game developers to learn the core modules, physics, and mechanics of game development. It has 2 modules, for beginners and intermediate programmers in game development. The beginners’ section of the course deals with the installation and setup of python, pygame, and Jupiter notebooks. It proceeds to introduce the basics of the pygame module and its various features like primitive functions, graphic primitives, display module, Ellipse, pixel coordination, and blit function. The intermediate section of the course explains the input device handling, image transformation techniques, image coding to generate custom images, custom fonts creation, creation of custom cartoon cursor, animation by controlling objects and images. The objective of the course is to learn the Pygame module of python from scratch to understand and implement various parts of a game. These parts include designing fonts, background images, pixel coordination, primitive graphics, cartoon cursors, animation, input device recognition, etc. We would be practicing every section of the course incrementally to master the game development basics with python. Who this course is for:

  • Any python developer aspiring to be a game developer can take this course. Even developers without python knowledge can quickly start the course with python basics.

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